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I am Sofia, the woman behind Sofia's Connection. When I was a child and in my early teens I was always a creative type and was either crafting or making music. Later on, becoming aware of the conflicts of this world I wanted to be a force for peace. But after completing my studies in politics and diplomacy, I realised that my spirit wasn't made for a political career in the traditional sense. My outer world demanded a secure career path but my inner world demanded to bring alive my creative side again. I discovered my love for fine jewellery and working with precious metals. My personal fashion choices had always been simplicity and comfort paired with the glamour of accessories. My creative outlet had been born and I couldn't keep my hands and mind off it. 

"Sofia" means wisdom and honesty. On my own personal journey I needed the courage to follow the demands of my inner voices and as such, the brand began to represent the desire to live according to our most honest selves, cultivate our intuition and follow the wisdom of our hearts. 




The inspiration for my work comes, broadly speaking, from my interpretation of the feminine nature. It is elegant, graceful, gentle...but it is also deeply wild, powerful and strong. When we connect to our deepest selves, allow all intuitive impulses to come to the surface, there is a force that is almost magical. This raw nature is what I mean by 'wild', and thus my work reflects both the luxurious elegance and the deeply wild.


My vision for Sofia's Connection is to get out the message that we must allow our deepest selves to come to the surface. The untamed wild ads the magic to our lives and will both set us free and bring us peace.


Here is where I come full circle with my desire of wanting to be a force for peace. It all starts with living intuitively, in connection with our true nature, and indeed in connection with nature itself. Herein lie all the problems of the world. The disconnect with our inner world in favour of outer expectations, as well as the disconnect with the natural world we inhabit. 

What I give you here, are sustainably crafted jewels to adorn your own personal, wild journey and give inspiration for a life led by your intuitive spirit.

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"So let us push on now, and remember ourselves back to the wild soul. Let us sing her flesh back into our bones." - Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Inner Peace Maker, Jewellery Designer, Earth Lover

©2018 by Sofia's Connection

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