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Sustainable Valentines - Love for your Planet

Valentine's Day is approaching. Our culture has decided that on this day we gift our loved ones with tokens of our affection. Nothing wrong with that of course. Why not dedicate some time to be mindful about our feelings towards each other? When we nurture other's we are nurtured in return. A wonderful cycle of giving and receiving.

The same principle goes for the mother of all nurturers. Our planet Earth. She is the one that we depend on for our livelihood. Without her we simply cannot live. She is a female in many ancient cultures because of her qualities of creation and life giving. Though planet earth nurtures us from the very basics of our physical existence to the heights of our emotions and psychological well being, human kind gives her nothing in return. We don't give her tokens of our appreciation, take care of her, guard her...the way we do to the ones we love. We don't feel connected in the same way, the way we used to be, in the old world. It's time to reconnect with the natural world and create an existence of mutual nurturing.

Let's remember this always and on this Valentine's Day. Give gifts of love to your loved ones and give the gift of love to your planet by choosing something sustainable. Something meaningful and lasting. When you buy jewellery for your love, choose with care. The raw materials used for making precious jewellery are mined from the earth. From silver and gold to precious gems, the processes of taking them from the earth are sometimes devastating for the environment as well as supporting appalling working conditions for miners, not to mention the bloody conflicts involved in diamond trading. Like so many other industries, this industry is not without its impact on the natural world, the world that we are an intrinsic part of.

When I became aware of this in my work, it became my number one priority to use recycled and fair trade materials only. It is an easy change in our mindset that simply requires us to ask a few questions before we choose our purchases. Find the brands that care and when you do that, you join a movement that knows no borders. A movement that unites humanity in a common goal for survival on this planet.

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