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Wild Woman Awakening

Updated: Apr 3

Many of us ladies have read one very inspiring book in the past years. The Author of 'Women Who Run With The Wolves', Clarissa Pinola Estes, developed the archetype of the "Wild Woman". She says that "Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing".

Let me say that when I speak about women, it can be anybody who identifies as such and feels a strong pull towards the wild feminine in some way or the other.

For thousands of years women have been moulded in an image that suited the patriarchy. She was to be subjugated to the man, behave a certain way, look a certain way...Her entire being was being shaped in an unnatural way. Her natural instincts were suppressed and her gifts considered evil. She was murdered for her power, for her beauty, for her words.

Today she has a voice! Today she can speak her mind, live her dreams and be who she wants to be...in some parts of the world at least. Sure, rationally we think we are doing this but really so many of us are trapped within our programming. We are functioning within a realm of expectations that society has of us, we have of ourselves and which is one that needs to be reshaped to allow for the true feminine nature to come alive again.

She now needs to learn how to reconnect with this wild nature. All women are wild woman! Not all women are the same, of course, but all of us have a deep, instinctual and wise nature that has so much potential for this world. I am convinced that unleashing this beautiful feminine potential can help the world to heal.

So part of my journey is the conscious rediscovery of my innate wildness. The past years have been a practice of trusting my instincts, hearing my inner voice and not being held back by whatever programming I myself had. It has been a revelation in so many ways, and I feel like that each time I listen to my instincts, I come alive a little more.

Of course this is not unique to women. The wild man is another beautiful creature that we need to rebirth. It's a re-wilding of humans that is necessary to truly find our way again.

Sofia's Connection has re-wilding at its heart. Connecting to our instincts, finding our true potential, creating our lives in its image and protecting the world we live in by becoming the guardians of the natural world.

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